Man-Guarding Solutions

As the leader in Industrial Security arena, we offer services to all types of corporate and retail Clients’ with professionally trained and competent guards to meet their challenging and ever- changing security necessities.

There are crime hotspots. Areas where illicit activity is likely to happen. Therefore, static security guards are an excellent solution. With decades of experience, our specialist static manned guarding expertise can identify areas of danger to prevent theft and vandals.

When your static guard service is in position, security guards will monitor your premises and deter threats. Security officers will create a secure and safe environment for everyone.

After that, patrols will constantly monitor active areas. Security guards will keep your assets and people safe and secure. They will prevent perpetrators from targeting your premises, especially when closed. 

Should there be any unusual activity, your static guard service will quickly identify it and efficiently control the situation. You can be confident that your premises won’t fall victim to vandals.

As a result, we will minimise any disturbances to your business and customers.