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Though a Small Island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has become the best place to visit out of 31 destinations of the World. With its 65,525sq km Sri Lanka is a great destination with diverse attractions to the tourists. With the endless demand for the Eco, Adventure & Spiritual Tourism, Wild Holidays extends its hands over the Tourism industry with a new profile called “Wild Holidays Travel”.

Explore the Sri Lanka’s nature and wilderness, conquer the misty mountains, paddle along the deep rivers, raft in the white waters, nature walk in tropical rainforests, cycle along the typical Sri Lankan villages and discover unexplored Sri Lanka with Wild Holidays Travel.

Let it be an adventure activity, Wildlife Safari, Whale & Dolphin watching trip, Camping expedition, paragliding, canoeing or kayaking, white water rafting etc… we will make your stay in Sri Lanka a lifetime experience. Not only activities, we offer round the island tours from 7 days up to any number of days depending on your requirements. It may be a Trekking Tour or a Mountain Biking Tour or a Wildlife & Nature Tour; we are geared with a team of expertise to cater to your needs.

Not only tours in Sri Lanka, Wild Holidays Travel brings you travel experts that love travel and want to help you have the best trip to Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, and many more countries in the world and has advice for all travelers including the frequent traveler, first time visitor, business traveler, and families. Also while exploring your tour; we encourage you to use all our travel services, especially our flight and hotel comparison service which make it easy for you to compare prices.
Apart from that wild Holidays Travel will offer Air Ticketing & Reservations, Hotel Reservations, Cruise Handling, Hotel & Airport Transfers, Assistance in Visa Submissions, Travel Insurance, Traveler’s Cheques etc…


We are Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authorized Inbound & Outbound operator