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Value Added Services


Debt Collection

In our 20 years of combined experience, we have learned that flexibility and creativity in pursuing a debt can pay off when the hard-nosed traditional methods fail. Our goal is to assist you in understanding various debt recovery services, processes, procedures, and methods.



Confidentiality, Safety, Credibility and Highlytrained professionals. Watchguard Corporation can provide customers with a fully trained and licensed investigator to inspect many different avenues such as:






Loss Prevention Officers

Loss Prevention Officers will cover in an intelligent programmed format so as to ascertain a level of criminal activity.

Through loss prevention:
  • It is our aim to reduce the security budget so as to remove the burden from business.
  • It is our aim and objective to reduce loss within the environment.
  • It is our aim to be an efficient integral part of the business we are protecting.






Reception / Concierge Services

Our reception services include monitoring access of employees, contractors & visitors to
facilities, maintaining logs, inspecting bags & packages, issuing badges, & giving directions.

Our officers are also assigned to entrance areas and lobby areas, controlling access
to the buildings & functioning like a hotel concierge.


Security Audit Services

Watchguard Security Professionals are available to undertake a full security audit of proposed security measures or existing security procedures for clients.
This ensures that you gain the maximum use of resources and manpower whilst ensuring total security coverage for the client.


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