Our Solutions

Watchguard Security & Investigations (Pvt.) Ltd. which started as a fledgling Company in 1992 with the Vision to have an impact on the National fabric by creative presence whilst achieving life’s fulfillment, and mission in focus to provide total solutions in meeting clients’ needs to carry out their functions with a difference, has grown up to be an enormous tree with roots spread all over the island. In the process Watchguard had also revolutionized the normal Watch & Ward Service to highly professionalized outfit both in outward appearance and skills.


When it comes to solutions Watchguard provide following main solutions,

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Industrial & Commercial Security

Fully trained, experienced, and competent security professionals.Services provided by Watchguard.....

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Integrated Security

Our M3 Force (Man Machine Mix) the present market leader of Intruder Alarm Systems is capable of.....

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Executive Protection & Event Management

Watchguard provided following cost effective Services in Sri Lanka to individuals....

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Value Added Services

In our 20 years of combined experience, we have learned that flexibility and creativity in pursuing.....

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Neighbourhood Watchguard Petrols

Our Mobile Patrol will keep watch over your business or home 24 hours a day. When you're home or out.....