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In the olden days, a neighbor might have helped.
But today, there may be no neighbor there for your family.
For Sri Lankans living abroad, we bridge that gap
like a loving neighbor next door

... your inability to properly attend to you, and your loved ones', needs back in Sri Lanka. Your close relatives and property may require attention, often immediate. But there may be no one available to help.

Getting Good Help Sometimes Seems Impossible

Ensuring your family back in Sri Lanka has its needs met can be time consuming, frustrating and expensive. And sometimes seemingly impossible. Sometimes forcing unscheduled visits to Sri Lanka at greater cost in time and money. Being away from Sri Lanka, your needs are many and overlapping. That's why LankaAssist provides a complete range of services for Sri Lankans abroad.

We're Good Help. There when You Need Us.

As you travel through our website you will see that our range of services is extensive. But most important is the way we deliver them - personally. Skype, chat/video rooms and e-mail makes communication fast and efficient but most importantly, and what makes LankAssist different, is that you'll find a real live individual, on the other end of your communication. A personal and personable representative, expert in his or her field, will be working hard to execute your request. You can even call to speak with your personal representative at any time. With LankAssist, what was once expensive, time consuming, frustrating and impersonal is now affordable, faster, and less stressful. And with a personal and knowledgeable personal representative to assist you, you can also look forward to a better quality of service ... with improved results.


Our Services

  • Medical & Family
  • Event Management
  • Security & Protection
  • Pet and Animal Care
  • Personal Services
  • Vacation Services
  • Property Management
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Services
  • Religious Services