Our Solutions

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Industrial & Commercial Security

Fully trained, experienced, and competent security professionals.Services provided by Watchguard.....

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Integrated Security

Our M3 Force (Man Machine Mix) the present market leader of Intruder Alarm Systems is capable of.....

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Executive Protection & Event Management

Watchguard provided following cost effective Services in Sri Lanka to individuals....

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Value Added Services

In our 20 years of combined experience, we have learned that flexibility and creativity in pursuing.....

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Neighbourhood Watchguard Petrols

Our Mobile Patrol will keep watch over your business or home 24 hours a day. When you're home or out.....


Experience Our ‘Circle of Security’

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Major Vijitha Welikala, Chairman of Watchguard Security, has drawn around him the cream of our 3 Forces Servicemen. A great leader leading great leaders, working together to provide total security.

Our ‘Crack Team’ of 3,000 highly trained professionals, working on multiple levels, provides clients an unmatched level of security and protection, personal and corporate, nationwide. These special personnel are now available for deployment where they are most required.
I invite you to experience our unique Circle of Security.
Call me at +94 [0]11 2732671
Email: marketingwatch@watchguardfamily.com

How We Lead the Pack

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Being an Ex-Servicemen Managed Company we are assured of a steady supply of recruits from the three services on leaving Armed Forces.

We are the only company with in house purpose built training facilities at our Elle Adventure Camp, and Adventure Hub, Thotupola.. We ensure prior orientation of all our recruits before deployment to suit client individual requirement. Constant evaluation and periodical training. Advancement opportunities to loyal and capable employees. Welfare & Recreational programmes and Recognition of employee achievements. Staff Loans and other facilities Dedicated management representatives in constant touch with the clients. Sensitivity to client needs. Ready response to contingencies..