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Executive Protection &
Event Management Solutions


Body Guards

Our Trained Body Guards have successfully provided cost effective bodyguard services, close protection service, armed security, security guard services and executive protection in Sri Lanka to individuals and businesses.


Armed Security Guards

Armed Security Guards from our company are trained to use firearms at their post if required. Our Armed Security Guards have an even temperament and are trained to have a general and clear understanding of the conditions surrounding the property which is to be protected.


Crowd Controllers

Our Professional Crowd Controllers know exactly how to keep a large group under control and how to stop a gathering from getting out of hand and they are prepared to handle any incident that may arise while they are on duty.


Special Event Security

Watchguard can provide a full range of security coverage for any function (eg. Wedding Sport Events, Concerts, Festivals, Ceremonies, Birthday Parties, Funerals etc) and also we are able to quickly and efficiently recommend the staffing needs of your facility and customers.


Escorts / Transportation

Watchguard provides escorts in transporting cash and valuables and providing VIP protection. These teams carry small arms and repeater shot guns while on escort duty along with appropriate technical and communication facilities, and carry out very personalised and sensitive duties which can be carried out only by well trained, disciplined perssonel who can act intelligenly during any contigency.


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