Corporate and Retail onsite guarding

Experienced Officers

As the leader in security arena, we offer services to all types of corporate and retail clients with professionally trained and competent guards to meet their challenging and ever changing security necessities, ultimately both ends are benefited with a win-win situation. Our certified and vetted guards is always thriving towards in ensuring a safer and secure business environment at all times. In this we are always ready to deliver bespoke and co-designed security solution in following sectors.

 Banks and Financial institutions
 Hotels and Restaurants
 Hospitals
 Residences & Apartments
 Factories and Warehouses
 Super Markets & Shopping Malls
And many more ….

Loss Prevention, Surveillance and Decoy Services

Professional Officers

Our loss prevention, surveillance and decoy services are aimed in minimizing destruction, theft, losses, shoplifting while gathering vital intelligence on ground to initiate most viable preventive measures and to deny any future adverse eventualities. 

Residential Security

Trustworthy Officers

We offer professionally Competent and Trustworthy Security Officers for Residences including apartments and condominiums. In this process following is the purview of the Security Officers would ensures the peace of mind of the residents and the visitors.

 Reception and Concierge services
 Entry / Exit control
 First aid and fire appliances (F.A.F.A)
 Parking management as applicable
 Perimeter security
 Emergency Contingency management and mitigation
 Monitoring video surveillance system (V.S.S)
 Surveillance and intelligence
 Liaison with external agencies as required

Access Screening And Visitor Management

Protective Officers

In the current security context this specific service is being paramount important to most of the clients to mitigate the risk of sabotage and espionage are the main concerns.

 Access screening and visitor management
 Staff entry and exit control
 Information security
 Receiving and dispatching control
 Garbage management

Vehicle Parking Management

Safe and Pleasant Parking Experience

Our competent officers will offer parking management solution coinciding with technology. They will cleverly manage your limited parking spaces efficiently and ensure safe and pleasant parking experience with caring attitude.

Reception and Concierge Services

Multi Functional Services

With the exponential rise of corporate and apartments/Condominiums which combines businesses and domestic lifestyles into one utility space, the role of the Concierge Receptionist ads value to new around the clock environment.

Our staff are expertly trained in these areas to provide a cost effective multi functional security and reception services which ideally suits to these new environments.